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Book Reviews

If you are that low to trust my opinion on a book, there's something wrong with you.


So far, very terrible

Ok so far, Tessa sucks so much! She keeps cheating on Noah, which is totally outrageous, while at the same time pretending like she's still this nice innocent girl. My rating of her: 0/10 stars. Also, I wish this book was not basically "word porn" sometimes, that would be great. I guess this is just the type of stuff that Sophia enjoys though... My rating: 4.5/10 stars, would not recommend unless I hate you.


One of the best books ever written

This book combines all the genres that you would ever want. Action? Adventure? Romance? Mystery? It has it all! It appeals to both kids and adults, all while providing a five book series with parallel and converging series to give the reader the best experience possible. 10/10 stars, would recommend!

TV Show Reviews

If you are that low to trust my opinion on a TV show, there's something wrong with you.

The OC

A perfect mix

This show is very good so far. It combines the perfect mix of drama, action, and drama to coalesce into one fantastic show. The show follows Ryan, a very cool guy who kinda got arrested with his brother for stealing a car. He then gets taken in by his defense attorney, whose wife is very rich, and gets a chance to learn the high life of OC (Orange County). My rating: 8.5/10 stars, would recommend!


What a show!

Psych is very near and dear to my heart; I have watched it at least 5 times on repeat. It follows Shawn Spencer, a "psychic" detective who really just has amazing observation skills due to years of his dad's influence. He battles telling people his secret, that he isn't actually psychic, especially his future girlfriend Juliet O'Hara. While he has scuffles with the authorities, things always seem to turn out right in the end. My rating: 10/10 stars, would recommend!

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